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Companies search for receptionist: check out

Have you thought about working as a receptionist in clinics, agencies, hotels or large companies? Check out the best opportunities for this role, learn more about the receptionist profession, and get inspired by the tips we’ll give throughout this article.

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What does it take to be a good receptionist? How to welcome people, meet their requests and promote great service? What is the ideal profile and posture of this professional? There are many issues to pay attention to when it comes to this versatile and essential function for many organizations.

The receptionist’s work is so requested that there is no lack of job opportunities in the market, whether for companies of all sizes, events and public corporations. For those who need a job and stand out in the current economic crisis, it is a great alternative, and to pursue this profession you must have a series of communication skills.

A receptionist’s routine embraces several functions. There are different obligations in each company and most employees end up responsible for office and secretarial services. Many vacancies, in fact, already expose the need to hire a receptionist who is knowledgeable in various activities, that is, the more flexible the better.

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Companies hire receptionist: Learn more

Learning a few different techniques helps the professional not only in this role but in countless ways. Notions of computer science, archiving and public speaking are essential for any place that aims to act. Therefore, when looking for a receptionist course, keep an eye on your schedule and choose the one with plural subjects.

A lot of people might think it’s easy to become a good receptionist. For many, it’s just about being friendly and guiding the audience, both in-person and over the phone. But make no mistake: to be a renowned professional and win that dream job, the candidate must demonstrate a lot of effort and competence.

Companies search for receptionist: check out

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We can understand the importance of this function when we observe that the reception is the customer’s first contact with an organization, and if it is bad, surely both your credibility and the establishment’s will be affected.

The receptionist must act according to their work environment: if they are to receive clients from a hotel, they must have a service repertoire relevant to travellers, people who are looking for a fun or relaxing trip with the family, or even on business. As for the receptionist of a hospital clinic, it is necessary to be very sensitive when dealing with health issues, such as indicating to a visitor the state of health of a patient.

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These are some external service variables that should always be noticeable to the receptionist since there will never be a single pattern: adversity happens regardless of location, so it is up to every profile to practice global values. We quote a few:

  • Disinhibition, greeting everyone who comes and goes with a greeting;
  • Firmness and posture, to speak well, clearly and audibly;
  • Respect and empathy, leaving prejudices aside and treating everyone in the same way, no matter how different they are from your sphere.
  • Attention and courtesy, to clearly understand the customer’s request and avoid treating him with indifference;
  • Initiative and proactivity, to anticipate possible tasks and demands and execute them quickly.

The ability to relate and communicate with the public is essential, a factor that complements the attitude of a responsible receptionist. In the case of internal demands, which happen a lot in large corporations, it is worth attending each sector in the same way and posture, from bosses to subordinates. Most receptionists deal with an intense flow of information, so they need to have professional ethics in all services.

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check some vacancies

If you feel inspired to apply to a receptionist position now, there are over 2,000 job openings available at ca.indeed.com for you to apply for! In this job portal, you can also check out the average wages and reviews from diverse companies employees. Here are some of the jobs we have selected for you:

  • Varsteel Ltd. Red Deer, AB
  • receptionist May Hair Bedford, NS
  • Tierney Stauffer LLP Arnprior, ON
  • receptionist AAA MOTEL LTD Saskatoon, SK
  • Supertemp Halifax, NS
  • receptionist-clerk High Prairie Ford Sales & Service Ltd. High Prairie, AB
  • Advantage Assist Group Incorportated Edmonton, AB
  • receptionist Coopérative Funéraire Passage Funeral Co-operative Shediac Bridge, NB
  • Chippewas of Nawash Unceded First Nation Wiarton, ON
  • receptionist St Jacobs Naturopathic Clinic St. Jacobs, ON
  • receptionist – Waiter Cogir Longueuil, QC
  • receptionist Lacroix Lawyers / Avocats Greater Sudbury, ON
  • hotel receptionist Station Mont Tremblant Mont-Tremblant, QC
  • new receptionist-clerk CPG Aerospace Newmarket, ON
  • receptionist Heights Laser Centre Burnaby, BC
  • hotel receptionist Best Western Plus Centre-Ville Québec Quebec City, QC
  • receptionist HeyRam Consulting Ltd. Surrey, BC
  • receptionist Grizzly Cubs Den Corporation Leduc, AB

Source: ca.indeed.com | Images: bareinternational.com/ Quest A+

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